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In the time 1986-1989 Suzanne Baumann writes 22 shortstories with images, which are published with the title:"MACHT UND GEHEIMMNIS" ("POWER AND SECRETS") in german language The book contains a preface by the Jazz, Blues, Soul Singer and Pianist DR. NINA SIMONE

Design, Layout images,texts: Suzanne Baumann
First signed and limitetd edition, 1989: (1000)
ISIS VOICE, Suzanne Baumann,Bern
with Marlene Frei, Artist Books, Gallery & Edition, Zürich 72 pages in german language

Format: 35 x 25 cm Produced and printed by: Staib + Mayer, Stuttgart
Alle Rechte © Copyright: Suzanne Baumann, ISIS VOICE
(out of print)
a view copies available at ISIS VOICE


Suzanne Baumann in dialogue with the artist Esther Altorfer "FINGERLEBENZEITVERGRÖSSER"©
1990 edited in the range of the exhibition;"VON EINER WELLT ZUR ANDERN" ("FROM ONE WORLD TO ANOTHER") art from outsiders at the DuMont-Kunsthalle,Köln.
Book-concept,layout,texts by
Suzanne Baumann.

Edited by ISIS VOICE, Berne,+Marlene Frei,Artist Books, Editions and Gallery,Zürich
Benteli-Verlag,Berne and Gallery Ute Parduhn, Düsseldorf.
In german language,coloured and black/white images

Format: 21,5x 24cm

First signed,limited edition, 1990:Staib + Mayer, Stuttgart
© All Rights reserved and Copyright:

Suzanne Baumann
(out of print)
A fiew copies available at ISIS VOICE Suzanne Baumann

A shortend version of the preface by Suzanne Baumann is published in the catalogue/book."VON EINER WELLT ZUR ANDERN".art from outsiders in dialogue.DuMont Bookpublishing, Köln 1990



For the presentation of "THE SMALL WORLD EXHIBITION" at the State Russian Museum, Ludwigmuseum in the Russian on the occasion of the 300 years Jubelee-Celeberation of the City of St. Petersburg an extencive catalogue was realized.To the artwork of Suzanne Baumann, texts by wellknown Experts and Art-Historians from Russia,Belarus and Switzerland were written.

Layout. created by Ewald Graber, Berne

Photos: Ewald Graber, Berne, Archive Suzanne Baumann


1 Greetings by Evgenia Petrova, Deputy Director State Russian Museum

2 Introducton by: Meret Meyer-Graber, Berne, Paris

3 Reflection oft the unity of things: Cynthiy Gavranic, Museum for Design, Zürich

4 "A large Universe sleeping in a cradle,next to a small eternity": Irina Karasik,state Russian Museum

5 "A walk through "The Small World Exhibition"reflections to the creative process : Matthias Zuber, Berne

6 "Suzanne Baumann's magnificant Utopia": Tamara Karandasheva, National Museum of Art, Minsk

Catalogue with short introduction texts by Suzanne Baumann to the five themes of the exhibition

Excencive Biography Captions Exhibitions Bibliography

Artworks © Suzanne Baumann, Texts of all Authors

Book:©State Russisan Museum,Palace Editions, ISIS VOICE ISBN:(Russia) 5-93332-115-X
ISBN (International) 3-935298-61-7
Printed in Italy by Graficart-Formia (Latina)

Some copies available at ISIS VOICE